Spark Freedom evaluates organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then customizes a communications skill-building program to best equip the organization for success.

Through events, weekly online meetings, and the Spark Freedom Community, we bring together the pro-free market nonprofit community’s communicators and introduce them to new creative talent.

Spark Freedom creates tools to help you clearly and concisely communicate your ideas online. Experts in video, web, and social media, our pool of trusted vendors embrace the liberty movement.

Spark Freedom ignites a hunger for and a reverence of freedom so that people can pursue their dreams.

Spark Freedom is a non-profit that stimulates a communications culture among free market idea entrepreneurs so they can persuade a broader audience. We do this through training, peer networking, and by equipping organizations to drive their marketing and communications campaigns.

Spark Freedom helps the freedom movement recapture the heart of its audience—our neighbors.