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That’s right: take objection to objections. In fact, make someone else’s strong challenge another way you prove your point. Kevan Kjar took us deep into the process of reframing objections in the September Spark Session, which you can view any time you wish, here.

Get right with copyrights

Right or wrong? Since I work for a nonprofit, I can use anything “for educational purposes.” I got it from a source of royalty-free images, so it’s safe to use. I Photoshopped out a bunch of stuff, so now it’s my original work. I Googled this quotation and attributed it, so no problem. I rewrote […]

A “Donor Stewardship” way of life

I’m worried about Lenora. I haven’t heard from her in awhile, and I fear age has caught up with her. Last time she pledged, she wrote that she had reduced her giving level and might not be able to give anything at all in 2017. What I like least is that letters remain unresponded to […]

What’s your style?

I love Claire Kittle’s Talent Market emails! They’re clever, well-written, and illustrated. Each contains a message beyond “here are jobs,” a message that inspires. Mind you, I’m not even looking for a job. Each piece of outgoing text, image, or sound conveys more than its elements; it also broadcasts what sort of organization yours is. […]

When Geeks gather, watch out

OGF was well represented at the SPN Annual Meeting in Bellevue, Washington. Except when working, you couldn’t tell them from the rest of the policy, communications, management, fundraising, and media people. Check back for photos and (true) short stories about geeks in Bellevue. Meanwhile, get this… The OGF Code-Off room was a hoot. No, that’s […]