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May Spark Session: SMS Demystified

Dan Beck, Txtwire founder and CEO, explains the ins and outs of short text messages sent to an audience that already knows your work and has asked to be informed. He defines why and when such texting boosts your communications reach, how to message for best effect, and when to transition from email to short messaging service […]

Why Arts and Minds?

We’ve heard the stories. A single mom turns to drugs as she struggles to make ends meet. An abusive boyfriend comes along and she makes very bad choices. Caught and arrested, this mother faces a jail sentence, her children are consigned to a failing foster care system, and it gets worse when she’s paroled. Who […]

Spring Clean Your Social Media

Sometimes it is a good idea to go back to the basics of social media marketing, and what better time than right now? Take a fresh look at your social graphics suite. Social outlets adjust their systems over time, so that header image you designed a year ago, or the thumbnail image that used to […]

8 Lessons Learned from Starting a Podcast

Once a fringe “new media” tactic, podcasts have come into their own by taking advantage of smart phone automotive audio link capabilities and catering to the expectation of “my content, my choice.” Podcasting is an easy tactic to deploy, well worth the time and money – so long as those who create the content tailor the way they […]

Episode 1: Introducing Arts and Minds

Introducing Arts and Minds, a new, freedom-focused art collective advanced by Spark Freedom. We’re just getting started, finding our wings, and preparing for our big debut, an interactive art event in Portland, Oregon this summer. Join us on our journey, via this new (sometimes awkward) videocast, as we mold the dream and make it a reality. […]

November Spark Session: Improve Your Digital Marketing

Our November Spark Session “Improve Your Digital Marketing” explored meaningful metrics, focusing your message, and tying up loose ends. Show Notes Intro 1:20 Most Important Aspects of a Digital Strategy 3:13 Customer Journey 4:58 Web Design Concepts 6:11 What to Communicate for Success 11:25 Organic Synergy 12:50 Meaningful Measurements 15:30 Digital Strategy 17:21 Cohesive Messaging […]

SXSW, Moneyball, and Politicos

  On the way to SXSW Interactive, we spotted this excellent article from Rob Bluey that outlines one problem that many communications professionals face at their organizations. We recommend you read it before you dive too deeply into the SXSW adventure ahead. “A swarm of political strategists will descend on Austin, Texas, this week for […]

How To Title A Blog

I’ve noticed recently that our bounce rate on our organization’s website is abnormally high (above 60%).  A high bounce rate means that people are coming to our site then leaving without clicking on content.  The problem is the number one place people visit on our site is our front page or our blog.  Which means […]