Get right with copyrights

Right or wrong?

  • Since I work for a nonprofit, I can use anything “for educational purposes.”
  • I got it from a source of royalty-free images, so it’s safe to use.
  • I Photoshopped out a bunch of stuff, so now it’s my original work.
  • I Googled this quotation and attributed it, so no problem.
  • I rewrote it a little: now it’s my writing.
  • I’m just using replay material. It’s free to use.
  • I’ve only played 6 ½ seconds of sound. That’s too little for copyright protection.

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Why Arts and Minds?

We’ve heard the stories. A single mom turns to drugs as she struggles to make ends meet. An abusive boyfriend comes along and she makes very bad choices. Caught and arrested, this mother faces a jail sentence, her children are consigned to a failing foster care system, and it gets worse when she’s paroled. Who will give her a job or rent her a dwelling? Would you rent to or employ an ex-felon?

A felony conviction in your background check means you fail.

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Arts and Minds Dream Board

Visualize a successful Arts and Minds project this summer in Portland – community art activism for criminal justice reform.

Help us reach the Arts and Minds crowdfunding goal: $7,000. It’s all or nothing! Please ask your friends to join you as a Dream Board star.

Become a star and a dreamer. Support Arts and Minds.

A “Donor Stewardship” way of life

Envelope 1024X864pxI’m worried about Lenora. I haven’t heard from her in awhile, and I fear age has caught up with her. Last time she pledged, she wrote that she had reduced her giving level and might not be able to give anything at all in 2017. What I like least is that letters remain unresponded to (but not returned with the dreaded “deceased” notation), phone calls aren’t answered, and she doesn’t do email.

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Let’s #Collaborate!

Come work together with us! #Collaborate

#Resist Just Ain’t My Thing

ResistanceWe’ve entered the second week of the Arts and Minds Kickstarter, and I’d like to talk about a key aspect of the project: collaboration.

There’s a movement and a meme going around – #Resist – and “A woman’s place is in the Resistance.” While I appreciate the energy, I don’t agree. A woman’s place is universal and, for this woman, my place is in collaboration.

In fact, I want a new movement, #Collaborate.

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March Spark Session: Wiki How?

Jonathan Haines and Nicole Williams talk through five considerations as you transition from “I don’t like my Wikipedia page” to becoming a Wiki wonk – because working Wikipedia wrong can land you in world of wasted time!

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Spring Clean Your Social Media

spring flowersSometimes it is a good idea to go back to the basics of social media marketing, and what better time than right now? Take a fresh look at your social graphics suite. Social outlets adjust their systems over time, so that header image you designed a year ago, or the thumbnail image that used to work well, may no longer fit the platform’s format. Surely your communications goals have surged forward: does the content that was perfect last spring now look dated?

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Fundraising: More Than Just Asking For Money

doorbellRemember the days in elementary school where we went door-to-door to our neighbors and asked them to buy cookies or wreaths or flowers to support some program we were a part of? Like many children, asking strangers for money was not a highlight of my youth. Many of us conscripted our parents by sending the order sheet to their offices.

I’ve realized my nonprofit peers are equating their development strategy to the days of the elementary school fundraiser. They’re not even asking people to buy a product, but to simply to give up their money. This beggar’s attitude means few have a desire to go into fundraising.

But fundraising is about so much more than asking for money!

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What’s your style?

I love Claire Kittle’s Talent Market emails!

SPN AM_gift bags2_2016-10They’re clever, well-written, and illustrated. Each contains a message beyond “here are jobs,” a message that inspires. Mind you, I’m not even looking for a job.

Each piece of outgoing text, image, or sound conveys more than its elements; it also broadcasts what sort of organization yours is. It says either, “This is from us” and is worth reading, or it says, “Yeah, I threw this together, but you need to join our effort, anyway.”

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