Why Arts and Minds?

We’ve heard the stories. A single mom turns to drugs as she struggles to make ends meet. An abusive boyfriend comes along and she makes very bad choices. Caught and arrested, this mother faces a jail sentence, her children are consigned to a failing foster care system, and it gets worse when she’s paroled. Who will give her a job or rent her a dwelling? Would you rent to or employ an ex-felon?

A felony conviction in your background check means you fail.

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Arts and Minds Dream Board

Visualize a successful Arts and Minds project this summer in Portland – community art activism for criminal justice reform.

Help us reach the Arts and Minds crowdfunding goal: $7,000. It’s all or nothing! Please ask your friends to join you as a Dream Board star.

Become a star and a dreamer. Support Arts and Minds.

Let’s #Collaborate!

Come work together with us! #Collaborate

#Resist Just Ain’t My Thing

ResistanceWe’ve entered the second week of the Arts and Minds Kickstarter, and I’d like to talk about a key aspect of the project: collaboration.

There’s a movement and a meme going around – #Resist – and “A woman’s place is in the Resistance.” While I appreciate the energy, I don’t agree. A woman’s place is universal and, for this woman, my place is in collaboration.

In fact, I want a new movement, #Collaborate.

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Episode 2: Arts and Minds

This week, on Episode 2 of the Arts and Minds Videocast:

A quick recap: What is Arts and Minds?

This July, on a street in Portland, Oregon, artists, activists, and everyday folk will get together to paint a mural on an ugly wall. We have this wild idea that we can use creative talents to spotlight Oregon’s broken criminal justice system.

The main event: everyone will help paint that mural. The context of painting such a large work of art is exciting: an all-day block party with activities, stories, demonstrations, and entertainment.

There is a lot to do. We have a four-page to-do list, and it’s growing. We’re slowly checking things off, but we still have to find a wall, set a date, and solidify partners.

Essentially, Arts and Minds will combine the energy of art with the power of the community and the experience of dedicated organizations to tell a story of the need for criminal justice reform.

We are making headway in the partnership department! Countless state and national organizations are taking the system on, and we are trying to hook up with them. After hours of researching, emailing, and cold-calling, some organizations are right on the brink of joining the effort as official partners! There is certainly still room to include great organizations who are already fighting the good fight. Can you help connect us? Give a call or an email.

I mentioned that Arts and Minds is an art collective. That means a group of people willing to help get the art on the wall and the event on the street. We’ve had a very warm response to an invitation to find out about Arts and Minds at a Meetup gathering. We will reach out to the community, gauge interest, and learn about the virtues and talents kind, passionate people want to make available.

The first Arts and Minds Meetup gathersFebruary 16 at 7 pm at Zoiglhaus in Portland, Oregon. More info: http://meetu.ps/36lFpH.

To get involved yourself, please contact Ginger@SparkFreedom.org

Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you next week for Episode three!

Episode 1: Introducing Arts and Minds

Introducing Arts and Minds, a new, freedom-focused art collective advanced by Spark Freedom. We’re just getting started, finding our wings, and preparing for our big debut, an interactive art event in Portland, Oregon this summer. Join us on our journey, via this new (sometimes awkward) videocast, as we mold the dream and make it a reality.

This is episode one, and our host, Ginger, lays out the plan:

This summer 2017 in Portland, Oregon, Arts and Minds presents a special one-day arts event dedicated to showcasing our country’s need for Criminal Justice Reform. What does this event entail?

The main draw:

We’re painting a mural, and everyone (including you) is invited to come paint with us. The design will show the ills of our justice system. Participants needn’t be skilled painters: we’ll use a paint-by-numbers style. We’ll paint to the sounds of freedom-focused music, storytelling, poetry, and performance. It will be a day filled with camaraderie, hard work, education, introspection, and fun.

There’s a lot to do, think about, and get excited about before this summer. We have to set a date, find and secure a wall to paint on, create partnerships, design the art, deal with government stuff, and on and on.

We just said we’re an arts collective. More realistically, we want to become an arts collective. We are looking for artists and activists who believe in the beauty of personal liberty and want to celebrate and fight for it through art, not violence.

Do you want to be involved? Do you want to help plan this event? Can you contribute something awesome? We’re looking for all types of people – artistic experience not required.

To get involved, please contact Ginger@SparkFreedom.org

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!