Practical Freedom Building

A Short Mountain distiller monitors the mash vat

How is a meeting of people in love with freedom like the merry chase bootleg liquor makers ran with Revenooers?

Both groups get things done: projects and moonshine.

Both cultivate creative ideas to get around mountainous obstacles

Both think well on the run.

And both were involved in Collaboratory 2017, held at a cute old inn near Nashville.

The idea is to gather a few expert innovators from across the pro-freedom, communications, business, and policy worlds and consider how to get cutting-edge projects up and running in short order.

On a shoestring budget, Collaboratory selects projects for “acceleration” and keeps everyone’s feet to the fire until each project leader has collected both advice and concrete offers of assistance. November’s was the second Collaboratory. Two-time attendees agree its structure is good and that the event should continue.

It works like this: someone has a project idea they believe could be smashing, if only… so they propose the project to Collaboratory. Their project is accepted. The project proponent makes a very short presentation to explain what it is, what difference it makes, who the target audience is, and what the project needs.

Then everyone in the room discusses this new idea and offers both advice and – this is the gist of Collaboratory – steps in with offers of help.

In the Spark Session taped only 10 days after Collaboratory 2017, the three organizers discuss what did and didn’t work well, how each believes this matters if we’re to make way in the contest for liberty, and what the event’s future looks like.

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