Episode 1: Introducing Arts and Minds

Introducing Arts and Minds, a new, freedom-focused art collective advanced by Spark Freedom. We’re just getting started, finding our wings, and preparing for our big debut, an interactive art event in Portland, Oregon this summer. Join us on our journey, via this new (sometimes awkward) videocast, as we mold the dream and make it a reality.

This is episode one, and our host, Ginger, lays out the plan:

This summer 2017 in Portland, Oregon, Arts and Minds presents a special one-day arts event dedicated to showcasing our country’s need for Criminal Justice Reform. What does this event entail?

The main draw:

We’re painting a mural, and everyone (including you) is invited to come paint with us. The design will show the ills of our justice system. Participants needn’t be skilled painters: we’ll use a paint-by-numbers style. We’ll paint to the sounds of freedom-focused music, storytelling, poetry, and performance. It will be a day filled with camaraderie, hard work, education, introspection, and fun.

There’s a lot to do, think about, and get excited about before this summer. We have to set a date, find and secure a wall to paint on, create partnerships, design the art, deal with government stuff, and on and on.

We just said we’re an arts collective. More realistically, we want to become an arts collective. We are looking for artists and activists who believe in the beauty of personal liberty and want to celebrate and fight for it through art, not violence.

Do you want to be involved? Do you want to help plan this event? Can you contribute something awesome? We’re looking for all types of people – artistic experience not required.

To get involved, please contact Ginger@SparkFreedom.org

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!