#Resist Just Ain’t My Thing

ResistanceWe’ve entered the second week of the Arts and Minds Kickstarter, and I’d like to talk about a key aspect of the project: collaboration.

There’s a movement and a meme going around – #Resist – and “A woman’s place is in the Resistance.” While I appreciate the energy, I don’t agree. A woman’s place is universal and, for this woman, my place is in collaboration.

In fact, I want a new movement, #Collaborate.

Resistance is a noble act, but I’m not a fighter. I want to work with grace, creativity, and compromise toward a better tomorrow. I want to listen more than I speak, build positively from common ground, and overcome differences, so we all can pursue happiness. That’s collaboration.


It’s a big element of Spark Freedom’s Arts and Minds project.

Arts and Minds is simple. We’re painting a mural that speaks to the obvious truth that we need criminal justice reform. The coolest part of the project is that it’s an open, participatory event: the community is invited to gather and paint the mural. We expect to attract people from all “sides of the aisle,” united by a shared desire for freedom and criminal justice reform. We want real change, and that takes real collaborative action.

For the first Arts and Minds event, we decided to focus criminal justice reform because, in this time of divisive politics, it’s one of the few truly bipartisan issues. People on the left and also on right are actually working together to fix the system. The Koch brothers are working with Snoop Dogg. Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas is doing great work and making waves. John Legend started Free America. It’s beautiful that all sides want to collaborate to improve criminal justice.

We don’t have to agree on every single issue in order to come up with great solutions to today’s problems. Let’s set aside our differences, stop calling names and pointing fingers, and work together to make real change! Let’s collaborate.

If you’d like to get involved, and I sure hope you do, check out the Arts and Minds Kickstarter fundraising campaign here or email me at Ginger@SparkFreedom.org.