Spark Freedom Interns: Meet John Nagle!

Hi, I’m John! I was born and raised in San Diego. However, when thinking about applying to colleges, I wanted a place where I could pursue my interest in politics. American University, with its Washington, DC location and public policy focus, was a perfect fit. I look forward to graduating with a BA in political science and a minor in economics in May of 2017.

My family consists of my mother, father, twin brother Jimmy, and older sister Katie. Jimmy currently attends the University of Nevada, Reno and my sister is teaching abroad in Australia. Despite the fact that my brother and I are fraternal, on the first day of kindergarten we accidentally “switched places” and attended each other’s class for the day.

Some of my interests include: reading, hiking, listening to podcasts, fencing, and cooking Italian food. What I like about fencing is the combination of physical quickness and strategy. You always have to be thinking on your feet, literally. My favorite Italian dish to make is spaghetti and meatballs.

In seventh grade, I read my first political book. It was Milton Friedman’s 1962 classic Capitalism and Freedom. It inspired me to learn more about my political beliefs and helped develop my interest in promoting a free society.  One quote from the book spoke to me deeply: “concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.”

I am excited to work at Spark Freedom because I believe strongly  in the cause of liberty but recognize that many people in the movement struggle to articulate our principles in an appealing way that is accessible to the general public. It’s great to see an organization dedicated to making our message resonate. In particular, I look forward to working as a development intern so that I can explore that field and assist in getting more people involved in Spark Freedom’s mission. After college, I see myself working in the liberty movement, possibly in development, in order to bring about a more free, just, and prosperous society.