Spring Clean Your Social Media

spring flowersSometimes it is a good idea to go back to the basics of social media marketing, and what better time than right now? Take a fresh look at your social graphics suite. Social outlets adjust their systems over time, so that header image you designed a year ago, or the thumbnail image that used to work well, may no longer fit the platform’s format. Surely your communications goals have surged forward: does the content that was perfect last spring now look dated?

It can be frustrating to sleuth out the exact dimensions for each outlet, since some social media venues seem to hide their documentation. Luckily, our friends over at makeawebsitehub.com have made this chore easy by compiling a handy guide for 2017. Go straight to this link for quick access to social media graphical dimensions.

And let’s go further. Using correct dimensions is only part of a graphical facelift. While you’re at it, check these areas, too:

  • bloomsDo our graphics support the core message we wish to convey about our brand?
  • Do the colors, fonts, and logo usages adhere to our brand standards?
  • Does the imagery touch the heart of our target audience?
  • Does the imagery look professional and convey our image well?
  • Does everything upload and display without distortion?
  • Does the social media outlet’s own graphics blot out a tagline, button, or other important design element?
  • Do all graphics support a call to action that makes sense in the context of our organization’s objectives?

Today is the perfect time to do your social media spring cleaning! Start with the dimensions in hand, and a roadmap of where your social imagery should lead new prospects.

And yes, our coaches are on hand if you wish to book an hour to run through your branding plans. Just send me an email to set it up!