August Spark Session: Ask the Experts

In our August Spark Session, Scott Graves (LibertyLab), Kevan Kjar (ArrowHead3 Consulting), and Spark Freedom’s own Nicole Williams tackled a whole sombrero full of your questions about marketing and communications. This session is so chock full of information, be sure to watch the whole recording or download the audio for your listening pleasure!

Here’s this session’s roadmap:

What do I do if I can’t find stories to support our marketing or policy message? (2:45)

How do I even get started with our 2017 marketing plan? (5:45)

Recently, our Facebook page views have dropped dramatically. What strategies work now? Should we move to a different platform? (7:35)

How can we persuade people we know are opposed to our policy proposal? (14:20)

How do I tackle objections? (19:15)

What social media platforms should we be on, and how often should we post? (24:50)

What is the appropriate length for a YouTube video for a policy idea/message? (29:50)

We’re thinking of doing a podcast. Do you think podcasts are still a good marketing tool? What tips do you have to make them successful (e.g. length, frequency, content)? (34:00)

Do you think social media is more important than your website? (39:05)

How can you effectively market on a very small/no dollar budget? Do you have good examples of that you can share? (41:05)

Any advice for making videos on a dime? (46:15)


Download the audio (right-click > save): Spark Session August 2016 – Audio


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Facebook Ads, Are They Worth It?

OGF is two weeks into our formal launch on Facebook. During this time we have been in a prospecting phase.

Here is what we did:

  • Reached out to all our friends, and asked some key friends to recommend us if they wanted
  • Launched an ad campaign
  • Created a customized landing page with the call to action to “like” us, followed by and entry page to see what we were doing at the SPN annual meeting
  • Included our Facebook information at the 19th SPN Annual Meeting
Here is what we have after day 14:
  • 410 Facebook followers
  • average of 1-2 comments per post on our wall
  • average of three spam posts on our wall (working on that)
  • A cost of $.55 per “Like” from the ad campaign
Here is what we will do next:
  • Incorporate email sign ups and donation tabs on the facebook page
  • Continue the ad campaign
  • Adjust the custom landing page to follow a like with “Join the conversation.”
  • Set a goal of 1,000 followers by two weeks from today, and 10,000 by December 31