August Spark Session: Ask the Experts

In our August Spark Session, Scott Graves (LibertyLab), Kevan Kjar (ArrowHead3 Consulting), and Spark Freedom’s own Nicole Williams tackled a whole sombrero full of your questions about marketing and communications. This session is so chock full of information, be sure to watch the whole recording or download the audio for your listening pleasure!

Here’s this session’s roadmap:

What do I do if I can’t find stories to support our marketing or policy message? (2:45)

How do I even get started with our 2017 marketing plan? (5:45)

Recently, our Facebook page views have dropped dramatically. What strategies work now? Should we move to a different platform? (7:35)

How can we persuade people we know are opposed to our policy proposal? (14:20)

How do I tackle objections? (19:15)

What social media platforms should we be on, and how often should we post? (24:50)

What is the appropriate length for a YouTube video for a policy idea/message? (29:50)

We’re thinking of doing a podcast. Do you think podcasts are still a good marketing tool? What tips do you have to make them successful (e.g. length, frequency, content)? (34:00)

Do you think social media is more important than your website? (39:05)

How can you effectively market on a very small/no dollar budget? Do you have good examples of that you can share? (41:05)

Any advice for making videos on a dime? (46:15)


Download the audio (right-click > save): Spark Session August 2016 – Audio


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From Mass Media…To Social Business

This month’s SparkSession focused on the decline of traditional marketing via paid advertising channels and the turn to using brand advocates as a means to get messages across to potential supporters and donors.

Brand advocates are your existing supporters and your #1 fans.  They are passionate about what you do and your mission. They do not need incentives to spread their love and ignite word-of-mouth because they are invested in your success.

Advocacy, done right, becomes true influence. And influence is what impacts behaviors.  The ultimate goal is to not just to tell a great story, but to tell a story that motivates people to get to know your brand and support your mission. And that’s what advocacy is all about.

Many organizations have been turning to their base, asking them to tell their stories. By putting their most vocal advocates center stage and giving a platform to share their own experiences these organizations are turning brand love into authentic influence.

In the video, we cover questions such as:

  • What is a brand advocate?
  • How do you find and engage them?
  • Who should be in charge of developing this type of program?
  • How much should be allocated to effectively run these programs?
  • How should success be measured?